ENTEC Services, Inc. fields a best-in-class team of professional engineers, mechanical service technicians and building automation experts whose unique interaction and collaboration get to the root cause of the issues building owners face.

ENTEC provides an unmatched level of accountability and expertise in troubleshooting, problem solving, verifiable preventive maintenance, and energy services. Our passion to serve clients is driven by the core values of Integrity, Service, Excellence, and People that govern our decisions.

Beginning in 1981, ENTEC committed to a single goal: fixing it right the first time. As we have grown, we've built a company that clients can depend on. Our role is to partner with our clients to ensure their expectations are met.

The ENTEC Difference
The difference between ENTEC and other service providers becomes clear when the focus moves from the lowest first cost to the lowest total cost. Our relentless focus on outcomes, driven by our expertise in root cause analysis, ensures our customers save money throughout the life of their equipment.

Our energy experts find energy savings wherever possible, but they go beyond that to find the incentives available to help defer the cost of upgrades. The tools we use, like Performance Analytics and the ENTEC Asset Forecasting Model, ensure our customers never pay more than they need to, and that when they do spend money, they spend it strategically, with the best long-term value in mind.

At ENTEC, we mean it when we say we are not looking for a job. We are looking for a relationship, because we believe that a relationship between competent partners is the best way to deliver the outcomes our customers expect. Our success depends on their success.