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Bosch LR Nelson Peoria, IL

For Bosch Group’s Nelson in Peoria, a leading manufacturer of lawn and garden irrigation equipment, effective control of their mechanical service cost started when they partnered with ENTEC Services. ENTEC improved the performance of their 16 year old manufacturing and office facility while reducing mechanical service cost by over 57%.


“ENTEC is superior to what we used to have!  You guys have been a Godsend.”
David Koll, Maintenance Supervisor

For years Nelson based their choice of a heating and air conditioning service provider on the lowest hourly rate.  Recurring problems impacting the computer room moved them to consider an alternative. ENTEC gave Nelson an entirely different perspective on mechanical service.  Not only did ENTEC resolve the operational problems and recurring complaints, but ENTEC reduced the annual cost of service by over 57%.
Trusting ENTEC with their heating and air conditioning service was not an easy decision for Nelson. ENTEC’s hourly rate is over 20% higher than the previous service provider and ENTEC’s maintenance agreement cost is over 50% higher.
The chart below clearly displays that ENTEC’s “do it right the first time” philosophy results in lower cost of ownership. Reducing service call frequency by over 69% virtually eliminated comfort complaints.  ENTEC is unique when it comes to helping businesses control the cost of owning and operating their mechanical system.
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