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Hope Evangelical Free Church

Bosch LR Nelson Peoria, IL

Rapid growth at Hope Evangelical Free Church led the congregation to build a beautiful new facility on the West side of Springfield, IL. The new building provides the ministry space needed to serve a growing congregation. However, initial energy costs for the new facility were much higher than expected. ENTEC offered a path to good stewardship that saves Hope Church over 38% every month.


“I fought against bringing ENTEC in, but I ultimately agreed to meet. They listened to us, then delivered more than we thought possible. They’re just fantastic. I give ENTEC an A+.”
Bill Bird, Facilities Supervisor

The new Hope Church facility in Springfield, IL is perfect for a growing congregation, but energy costs were initially much higher than expected. When the church leaders raised their concerns with the builders, designers and contractors, all parties took an active interest in fixing the problem. However, no one could offer a plan to reduce the cost of energy. After all, the facility was just three years old and included high efficiency mechanical systems.
Finally the church leaders brought in ENTEC. After performing a survey of the church’s utility bills, ENTEC discovered a disturbing trend. Hope Church was paying 10% more per square foot for energy than an acute care medical center.
ENTEC implemented a facility assessment plan based on the principles of retro-commissioning. The process revealed the root cause of the high energy costs and several other issues plaguing the facility.
The assessment process and implementation plan designed by ENTEC slashed over 38% from the church’s monthly energy costs, saving Hope Church over $175,000 in the first three years.
ENTEC arranged for the church to pay for the project using a shared savings agreement, which yields a positive cash flow each month and allows the church to maintain its commitment to careful stewardship. Now the congregation can enjoy their state-of-the-art facility without worrying about wasting money on high energy costs.
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