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Generac Modular Power Systems

How do facility managers ensure 100% uptime of all mission critical processes? Back-up. The more critical the process, the more often there are multiple back-ups. 

Unique Solutions, Unparalleled Reliability
At ENTEC, we meet the challenge of reliable standby power with the Generac Modular Power System (MPS). The MPS approach parallels two generator sets in one package using its patented digital control system to make it perform as both one large standby power source and as a redundant back-up depending upon the demands of the application.
MPS gensets are small enough to fit into spaces where larger units cannot, and are light enough for rooftop applications. They also use high reliability over-the-road truck or industrial engines, which makes replacement parts readily available and relatively inexpensive.
How it Works
If you'd like to know more about how the MPS works, click on the image below to view details about the key components.
Made in the USA
Generac generators are made in the United States by Generac Power Systems, Inc. They design and manufacture all of the major components themselves, including alternators, controls and enclosures. This allows Generac an unprecedented degree of control and ensures that their products are built to the highest standards for quality, reliability and durability.
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