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AERCO Boilers

AERCO is an industry leader in water heating design. This brand creates boiler solutions designed for buildings of all capacities and projects. We offer AERCO boilers to our customers because they are high quality, dynamic, and efficient. The AERCO boiler’s energy saving property helps reduce total project and lifecycle costs for your building.

Benchmark Boilers

ENTEC specifically employs AERCO Benchmark boilers, with great success for our customers. Gas-fired Benchmark boilers are energy efficient, quiet, and easy to maintain. These boilers therefore are second to none in energy, maintenance, and cost efficiency.

The AERCO Benchmark boiler possesses a condensing heat exchanger, which is built to tolerate large amounts of thermal shock. The high power turndown of the burners minimizes cycling and maximizes efficiency throughout every season. This makes for a simple venting system for our customers in the long run.

The clean, stainless steel Benchmark boilers fit through doorways as tight as 30” and take up minimal space for simple installation. The boilers come equipped with removable enclosure panels, which allow for simple lifetime maintenance. The AERCO Benchmark boilers are compatible with EMS software in order for you to gain the most accurate feedback, diagnostics, and control.

Benchmark 3000

In 2012, AERCO unveiled the next generation of high efficiency water systems. This boiler features higher turndown, low operating costs, and a dynamic fire-tube design that satisfies the next era of environmental requirements and retrofit construction. To learn more about the new generation of AERCO, the Benchmark 3000, watch the video listed below. To learn how to implement the AERCO boiler system in your building, contact us today.




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