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CopperTree Analytics Software

CopperTree Analytics is a brand experienced in energy management and saving. Coppertree Analytics Software provides technology that works together to create an automated, advanced system of building solutions. The technology is equipped with a Kaizen solution, which provides customers with tools to help realize the potential of any building. With Coppertree technology, ENTEC helps our customers realize theirs.

Acquire, Analyze, Advise

 The analytics software works in a three-step process: acquire, analyze, and advise. This process allows our customers to take full charge of their building’s efficiency. The in-depth analysis draws data to help save more money, lessen environmental impact, and improve guest and tenant satisfaction. The software does all of this in real time.

Save Key Resources

CopperTree analytics software provides many real-time avenues of information gain. The technology provides a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), reports for your major systems, energy tracking and management, and early fault detection. These features provide ENTEC customers the control and knowledge they need for their building to sustain and prosper.

Learn More

ENTEC knows that it takes advanced technology to re-allocate those precious resources that fine-tune a building’s performance. CopperTree’s automated monitoring process prioritizes issues and delivers those alerts instantly. With CopperTree, ENTEC gets to the root cause faster and delivers the best possible solutions to our customers. ENTEC can deploy the CopperTree solution in your facility for you to use, or we can manage it as a service for you. Contact us today to learn more about CopperTree Analytics in your building.

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