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Prophet Suite

According to The Carbon Trust, which has studied the energy usage of over 1,000 small businesses, the attention to energy use that comes from consistent monitoring typically results in a 5% reduction in energy cost. Prophet Suite has the power and flexibility to serve as the platform to meet your demand for energy analytics today and tomorrow.

Prophet 2.0 allows you to organize your data in a logical hierarchy, by campus, building, floor, room, equipment, etc. This allows for data aggregation and normalization, and the ability to roll information up the tree to see metrics on the global scale, including real-time data for your entire campus.

ENTEC can help you use this technology to accurately calculate real-time and historic energy costs, giving you the power to see real-time financial impact on your facility. Correctly utilized, Prophet 2.0 will optimize the facility's efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership.

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