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Weishaupt Burner

When you need to improve heating plant performance, take a close look at Weishaupt burners. Weishaupt burners offer significant energy savings, improved boiler performance, reduced maintenance and add life to your heating plant. ENTEC provides local support in hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, industrial plants, and anywhere burner efficiency and effectiveness are important.

Why Choose Weishaupt?

Improved burner performance is an untapped financial resource. Depending upon the current configuration of your heating plant, significant energy savings and energy incentive dollars can help fund a heating plant upgrade with Weishaupt burners. Weishaupt's robust construction and attention to detail set them apart in the marketplace.

Weishaupt Burners Include...

  • Superior burner head design drives best-in-class fuel-air mixing
  • Full modulating natural gas capacity control with three-stage operation when fired on oil
  • Variable frequency drive supports Weishaupt industry-leading turn down
  • Parallel positioning is standard, available oxygen trim constantly monitors excess oxygen, controlling to the practical minimum, ensuring maximum combustion efficiency at all times
  • Modbus interface supports remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, advanced heating plant management and a graphical user interface

Energy Incentives

The NICOR Energy Efficiency Program offers incentive of $1.00 per therm when over 7,500 therms per year are saved. The AMEREN ActOnEnergy program offers an incentive of $1.20/therm. Contact ENTEC today to maximize your energy incentive opportunity.

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