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ENTEC Customer Portal

ENTEC is first and foremost a service company. When new technologies emerge that allow us to serve you in a way that makes your life easier, we take interest. The ENTEC Customer Portal is a whole new way to work with ENTEC. You can use it view all service information related to your sites and assets in real-time.

From the web you will have a transparent view of the work ENTEC is doing for you. No more wading through invoices trying to find out if quarterly maintenance has been performed. Or looking through your files to find out the details of your Technical Support Program.

We take pride in serving you and helping you meet your own objectives. We believe the ENTEC Customer Portal will be an important tool for many of our customers who need access to real data. Some of the information that can be viewed on the portal includes:

  • Detailed or summarized service call history
  • Detailed or summarized service report history, including labor hours and parts used
  • Site and asset (equipment) information
  • Technical Support Program (TSP) information
  • Project history
  • Portal users have the ability to print reports and lists and to log issues directly on the portal


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