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Technology and building systems have changed rapidly in the last two decades. Many building owners find themselves with multiple control systems from different vendors. In the past, integrating these divergent systems was difficult, if not impossible.

Today, Tridium solves integration. The global leader in open platforms, Tridium has built the powerful Niagara framework, which allows you to integrate all of your divergent devices and systems, regardless of the manufacturer.
Our building automation experts can use this framework to build a seamless front end through which you can easily adjust temperatures, change schedules and manage your security and operational systems in real-time. In addition to a single point-of-entry, you can access the system from any web browser, allowing you the freedom to manage your building from anywhere.
The video above was produced by Tridium to showcase the versatility of the Niagara Framework.  Contact ENTEC today to learn how we can deliver total integration of your building systems.
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