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Honeywell Building Solutions

At ENTEC, we have system specialists who are expert in LON-based Honeywell automation systems. We can work on, update and improve your existing Honeywell system. And our integration experts can make sure it talks to your other new or existing systems using Tridium. 

Whatever system you choose to lead with going forward, we can provide you with a front-end that seamlessly integrates your existing systems.
The Value of Integration
Most existing building systems arise from separate, stand-alone applications for HVAC, energy, security, access control and lighting. Each of these individual solutions provides a real benefit, but these solutions require multiple logins to multiple systems, which requires more training for staff and can slow response times at critical moments.
The value of integration lies in having a single point of control in one, intelligent solution. 
The graph below illustrates the savings Honeywell estimates for companies that take an integrated approach to planning their control systems. 
Lower Operating Costs with Integration
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