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Heating Plant Optimization

With today's cost of natural gas, improved burner performance is an untapped financial resource. Most burners come equipped with fixed position parallel controls, known as jackshaft control. Tuning jackshaft-controlled burners compromises efficiency at any given firing rate to ensure the best overall performance across the entire firing rate range.

To increase efficiency, burners can be retrofit with a parallel positioning control system, which allows for oxygen trim control. Oxygen trim control continuously monitors the oxygen content of the flue gas, adjusting the fuel-air ratio for maximum combustion efficiency at every firing rate.
Weishaupt Burners
We have found significant energy savings when replacing existing burners with Weishaupt burners. Weishaupt's robust construction and attention to detail set them apart in the marketplace. Weishaupt burners include:
  • Superior burner head design drives outstanding fuel-air mixing
  • Full modulating natural gas capacity control with three stage operation when fired on oil
  • Variable frequency drive supports Weishaupt industry-leading turn down
  • Oxygen trim constantly monitors excess oxygen, controlling it to the practical minimum, ensuring maximum combustion efficiency at all times
  • Modbus interface support remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, advanced heating plant management algorithms and a graphical user interface.
Heating Plant Monitoring
On-site and remote monitoring using the Delta Controls interface to each burner enhances the ability of your staff to manage plant performance. A digital control system makes it possible to implement true Heating Plant Optimization (HPOP).
HPOP measures boiler inputs and outputs, providing the information to calculate individual boiler efficiency, not just combustion efficiency. HPOP plots the part-load efficiency curve for each boiler. This real-time efficiency is the basis for loading the plant using the most efficient boiler combination.
HPOP also includes "feed forward algorithm" functionality, allowing the plant to anticipate changes in load for increased responsiveness and lower energy use. HPOP is fully integrated with the burner performance information to create a heating plant management strategy that maximizes plant efficiency while minimizing energy use.
Energy Incentives
The NICOR Energy Efficiency Program offers incentives of $1.00 per therm when over 7,500 therms per year are saved. The AMEREN ActOnEnergy program offers an incentive of $1.20/therm.  Contact ENTEC today to learn what incentives you may be eligle for to upgrade your heating plant.