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Energy Services

The Right Process

Our approach to energy services is not a canned or boilerplate process, but rather a process of working closely together to achieve success as defined by your requirements. We focus on delivering Energy Excellence and System Solutions, which we call our E2S2 Process.


We combine a comprehensive list of activities to drive solutions and plans that cannot be achieved with any other organization. Our E2S2 Process is a combination of:

  1. Retro-Commissioning Activities
  2. Design Evaluations
  3. Equipment Function Analyses
  4. System Efficiency and Efficacy Performance Tests
  5. Energy Analysis
  6. Financial Options Review
  7. Capital Infrastructure Project Planning Activities
  8. Operational & Maintenance Reviews
  9. Long-Term Planning
  10. Ongoing Technical Support Programs

By combining these methods in a way that parallels your long-term plans and objectives, we are able to deliver results and outcomes that are customer-focused.


The Right Staff
The other key component in having the ability to accomplish this is our unique mix of professional and technical staff. Our Central Illinois staff includes:

  1. Professional Engineering, including:
    • (1) Registered Professional Engineers
    • (1) Certified Energy Manager
    • (1) Certified New and Existing Building Commissioning Professional
    • (1) Green Building Engineer
    • (1) LEED Accredited Professional
    • (1) Certified Energy Auditor
    • (1) Certified Building Energy Simulation Analyst and
    • 50+ Years Combined Engineering and Design Expertise
  2. (17) Mechanical Service Technicians trained to maintain, repair and analyze equipment performance; (15) MSCA-Star certified. 
  3. (16) Control System Specialists and Client Care Specialists 
  4. A support staff for all of these professionals dedicated to serving your needs.

Accountable for the Outcome
By combining our unique approach with the experience of our professional staff, we can develop a strategy that will meet your objectives. How does this look?  At a high level, it consists of developing a plan that uses the following steps:

  1. Planning (Owner's requirements and project outcomes)
  2. Discovery (Learning and observing)
  3. Analysis (Engineering, operation, performance and data summation)
  4. Planning (Develop the implementation finances, schedule and expectations)
  5. Project Implementation (Step 1 of delivering accountable outcomes)
  6. Validation & Commissioning (Step 2 of delivering accountable outcomes)
  7. Technical and Operational Support (Final step of delivering accountable outcomes)
  8. Equipment Function Analyses