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Energy Incentives


We are proud to be a the Most Improved Ally of the Year for Program Year 6 of the AMEREN ActOnEnergy Program. Through our partnership with AMEREN, we have harvested significant incentives for our clients while saving BTUs and kWhs.


• 1,878,195.42 DOLLARS

That's how much incentive money we've raised for our clients. Enough for 3,756.39 iPad Airs.


• 17,806,383.46 kWh


That's how much energy we have saved our clients. Enough to power 204 Super Bowls.


• 70,951,848,080 BTUs


That's how many BTUs we've saved. Enough to heat 161,254,200 gallons of water.


Along with our partnership with AMEREN, we work closely with other government and utility agencies to identify programs and incentives that help our customers upgrade their equipment while significantly reducing energy use and carbon emissions. 


Cash Incentives

Cash incentives up to 50% of the upgrade costs are available in the following areas:


HVAC Maintenance

  • Incentives based on size of equipment maintained
  • All HVAC equipment is included

Custom Projects

  • New construction, renovation, replacement and expansions included
  • Incentives based on energy savings


  • Fixed incentives for installing high efficiency refrigeration equipment
  • Coolers, freezers, vending machines and ice makers

HVAC Equipment

  • Fixed incentives based on size and efficiency
  • Chillers, air conditioning, heat pumps, VFDs...


  • A portion of the study and up to 50% of project costs based on kWh savings
  • Fine-tune and calibrate HVAC systems


  • Fixed incentives for installation of premium high efficiency lighting products
  • High performance or low wattage lights, new fixtures, occupancy sensors, LED exit signs...