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Cooling Plant Optimization

ENTEC offers load sensitive applications that will maximize the effectiveness of your chilled water systems. We have Carrier, Trane and York factory-trained technicians on staff to service your chillers, and we have factory authorized parts available for all major models.

The Right Chiller
When selecting a new chiller, the selection process should include a bin analysis to predict chiller energy usage over a typical weather year. The use of water-cooled chillers with an aggressive condenser water reset is critical to achieve peak system efficiency with modern chillers.
The Right Tools
With the right tools we are able to record hard data on chiller performance. Diligent monitoring of trends over time provides the insight needed to reduce the risk of a catastrophic failure. Of course, all chillers, by their nature require attention, sometime. With the insight ENTEC gains, we are able manage when repairs are scheduled or, in some cases, avoid a failure altogether. Our tools provide insight by documenting performance over time. We do not rely on a simple pass-fail test.
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Implement an Aggressive Condenser Water Reset
Chiller load is determined both by the temperature of the chilled water return and the temperature of the condenser water supply. A condenser water reset should be implemented to provide low temperature condenser water, to the extent allowed by the chiller manufacturer. Additional tower fan power required to produce lower temperature chilled water should be considered, but chiller efficiency gains typically dominate the optimization.
Monitor System Efficiency
Install reliable, accurate monitoring of key plant metrics such as kW/ton. The first cost of monitoring can be quickly recovered by identifying common efficiency problems such as: low refrigerant charge, non-optimal compressor mapping, incorrect sensors, incorrect pumping control, etc. Efficiency monitoring provides the information needed for facilities personnel to optimize the system's energy performance during plant operation and avoid efficiency decay and troubleshoot developing equipment problems over the life of the system.