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Technical Support Programs (TSPs)

At ENTEC, we recognize that each client is unique. That's why we developed a three tiered Technical Support Program unique in our industry. We offer Technical Support Programs (TSPs) for mechanical equipment, building automation systems, and generators.

For mechanical and building automation TSPs, we offer three levels of preventive service: bronze, silver, and gold. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Support Agreements are designed and priced for your specific application. We can perform maintenance at intervals that meet your schedule as well as the manufacturer's requirements. 

Timely Maintenance

Routine Maintenance and inspections will provide a more comfortable, healthy working environment for occupants while minimizing operating costs and future capital expenditures. Professional preventive maintenance minimizes system downtime.

Life Cycle Cost

Delayed or inadequate maintenance drastically shortens the life cycle of your equipment, as does lack of proper inspections and lubrication. Our UA Star and EGSA-certified technicians can keep your equipment up and running at a fraction of the cost of a major system failure.

See Below for More Information on our Technical Support Programs (TSPs):

Mechanical Service TSPs
Our Mechanical Service TSPs deliver critical preventive maintenance on-time and on-budget.
Building Automation TSPs
We deliver three levels of building automation preventive maintenance in the form of our Bronze, Silver and Gold TSPs.
Generator Service TSPs
Timely and dependable technical support is essential for standby power systems...