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Apostolic Christian Restmor

Dave Scifres, Director of Environmental Services at Apostolic Christian Restmor explains how ENTEC has benefited his facility. We thank Dave for allowing us to share his story with you.



“When we first occupied the building here the heating and air conditioning systems were almost overwhelming. We weren’t given real good instruction on how to take care of this building and operate all the systems. One of the things ENTEC was able to do for us was to come in and make sure everything was operating right. They came back and recommended changes to us, and it has been substantial energy savings. And we know how to take care of our building much better because of ENTEC’s help with that.
“We are in an environment with elderly people who have special needs. The guys have been polite and courteous and thoughtful of everyone’s needs who are in this situation here at Restmor. It’s been great to work with them.
“I would say that anybody who would be interested in someone who can handle the smallest problem to the biggest one, ENTEC would be the people I would call."
- Dave Scifres
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