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Apostolic Christian Home of Roanoke

Richard Isaia and Dan Magnuson of the Apostolic Christian Home of Roanoke share how ENTEC has helped their facility.  We thank them for allowing us to share their story with you.




“We’re just like any other business. You have to keep your costs down and provide great service to your customers. We got involved with ENTEC through the bid process. We bid a project and we needed someone who knew about regulations, knew how to meet state regulations, and knew how to give us a quality product and then work out the bugs once the product was installed.
“They don’t treat us as a small, rural nursing home. They treat us like a real business, and that’s how we expect to be treated. And we appreciate that. We need that kind of service. And yes, we have a tight budget, but when we spend the money we expect to be treated like any other customer.
“I can’t even think of one incident where they’ve had to come back because they didn’t quite do it right. They want to make sure we are satisfied and the system is working. So yes, I can recommend them any day of the week.”
- Richard Isaia
“If I put a call in to ENTEC I have complete confidence it will be repaired and done correctly. I don’t need to be onsite, I just know it will be taken care of. You’ll still have failures, you’ll still have parts that go bad, that’s just inevitable. But I know it’s designed correctly, I know the parts are the the correct parts for the job. I know they are robust parts and they’re also readily available if we would need to get something to replace. 
“There’s a lot of peace of mind that comes with ENTEC. They don’t want to put in junk equipment for you just to make a bunch of money off of service calls. They want something that is going to make you happy and that is going to show they are the solutions people. They know what to do for you.
“I went to an AMEREN energy conference a few weeks ago and ENTEC had a booth there with three or four guys standing around. They know I’m Dan. They know where I’m from and they’ll talk to you like a normal person, whether you’re from a big hospital or a little nursing home. I know there are a lot of good contractors out there, but I wouldn’t trade ENTEC for anything else.”
- Dan Magnuson
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