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LaSalle Public Library

Laura Frizol of LaSalle Public Library explains how ENTEC serves the needs of the library's patrons, staff and collections.



“Our main building, our original building, is a 106 year old Carnegie Building, and our new building was built 10 years ago when we added and renovated to the old part of the building. We also, as a library, have to maintain the comfort of our patrons and staff as well as make it a comfortable environment for the books, and the local history collection, which is so important. 
“We’ve had a wonderful relationship with ENTEC in that they have worked with us very closely in terms of helping us maintain the conditions we need to maintain in the building, but beyond that they have worked very closely with us in terms of our tight budget and trying to find ways and helpful solutions for us to be able to maintain everything on the small budget that we have for the building.
“I can’t say enough good things about working with ENTEC employees, from top management to the schedules, to the reception people when we call in, to the actual on-site people and the people on the telephone. Everyone has been so friendly and so willing to work with us on everything.”
- Laura Frizol
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